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Connect with JAR Millinery
Jacob & Friends

Jacob"Jacob Alexanda Randle" is a very much loved and very spoilt dog. I was not going to buy anymore dogs as we had not long said goobye to Brutus. Nathan insisted to take "Scabby" as he no longer had a home and was heading for a dim future.

Jacob, previously known as "Scabby" for his bad skin condition was bought home by Nathan. Nathan is the proud owner of his brother, "Moses" and of course I loved Moses to bits but this not so good looking dog - well what could I do.

As weeks went by, more than a couple of trips to the vet, a few shampoos and a new bowl for his dinner, which was always full and the rest is history.

Who would of thought that a dog would bring so much joy, affection and unconditional love into a home. For those who have been fortunate to share in Jacob's life their lives are so much better as he is one very special dog.


30-10-2001 to 27-03-2013
Known by many & loved by all